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KULTUR SHOCK Start UK Tour Next Week

The de-facto founders of the gipsy punk movement, Seattle’s Kultur Shock, has been mixing Balkan folk melodies and bizarre meters with face-melting metal and blood-pumping punk rock in a pagan cauldron…

Kultur Shock

The de-facto founders of the gipsy punk movement, Seattle’s Kultur Shock, has been mixing Balkan folk melodies and bizarre meters with face-melting metal and blood-pumping punk rock in a pagan cauldron of lyrical, obnoxious, and politically irreverent music stew since 1996.

“We love playing Europe, our relationship with the audience there is very organic, and here is why: we are the antipode of cultural appropriation.” – explains Val Kiossovski(guitar/vocals) talking about connection with the audience in different countries. While the Balkan folk tradition is something a part of the band ‘eat and breath it’, Kultur Shock organically wrap hard-rock, punk, metal, Americana “even some jazz elements which are totally natural for all of us” – adds Kiossovski.

KULTUR SHOCK Start UK Tour Next Week
KULTUR SHOCK Start UK Tour Next Week

Gino Yevdjevich (vocals) describes the stylistic tradition of the band as a cross-cultural plexus between different cultural traditions and styles united together. Artist says: “Metal is how we express our rage against the machine. Punk rock is how we express our political views. And when I am sad, emotional and exposed to all of those beautiful primitive feeling only live being can feel, that is what we call ‘Sevdah’. Providing the translation of the term, Gino explains that the closest meaning it has in English is the blues explanation – “when a good man feels bad”. The band proved once again the close connection with the audience everywhere, delivering flawless, highly-energetic and unforgettable shows.

KULTUR SHOCK Start UK Tour Next Week

Kultur Shock celebrated its quarter of a century life on stage with a European tour in July of 2022. After two years of pandemic disruption, the de facto founders of the genre-bending “gipsy-punk” movement were pleasantly surprised by the dedication of their audience and its youth. ‘No Nostalgia Tour’ would feature the following shows:

03.04. – Thessaloniki (GR) – venue TBA*

04.04. – Skopje (MK) – MKC*

05.04. – Sofia (BLG) – Pirotska 5*

06.04. – Sarajevo (BiH) – Dom Mladih Skenderija*

07.04. – Nis (RS) – Feedback*

08.04. – Belgrade (RS) – Zappa Baza*

11.04. – Zagreb (HR) – Močvara*

12.04. – Tuzla (BiH) – Club Palma*

13.04. – Mostar (BiH) – K19 / OKC Abrašević*

14.04. – Split (HR) – Kocka*

15.04. – Nova Gorica (SVN) – Mostovna*

16.04. – Maribor (SVN) – MC Pekarna*

19.04. – Munich (DE) – Rote Sonne*

20.04. – Landshut (DE) – Die Zentrale zum Rieblwirt*

21.04. – Frankfurt (DE) – Elfer*

22.04. – Berlin (DE) – SO36*

23.04. – Cologne (DE) – MTC*

25.04. – Manchester (UK) – Rebellion Club

26.04. – Nottingham (UK) – The Bodega

28.04. – London (UK) – The 100 Club

30.04. – Seissan (FR) – Welcome in Tziganie festival

01.05. – Rome (IT) – CSOA Forte Prenestino

* – supported by Erik & the Worldly Savages

King Country Mohammed’ single is coming out March,31 via Alternative Tentacles Records. Pre-order the release here.  A vinyl LP version of band’s ‘D.R.E.A.M.’ (2019) album is set for release in spring 2023.

Starting with their debut ‘Live In Amerika’Kultur Shock has set the tone for the further evolution of punk-rock with ethnic component. Following up their debut, the band signed to Koolarrow Records ( for three next albums – FUCC the INS(2001)Kultura-Diktatura (2003), and We Came To Take Your Jobs Away (2006) all of which were produced by Faith No More’s Billy Gould ). Since 2007, Kultur Shock has been working fully independently through Kultur Shock Records. The band released Live in Europe (2007), Integration (2009), Ministry Of Kultur ( 2011), Tales Of Grandpa Guru, vol. 1 EP (2012), IX (2014), Live At Home ( 2016), and DREAM ( 2019).

Kultur Shock united punk-rock aesthetics alongside a strong ethnic presence, becoming one of the apologists of progressive-punk. Also, making a massive contribution to the popularization of the cultural tradition of Balkans all over the world.

With over a 1000 shows under their belt, Kultur Shock’s performed at a large variety of festivals all over the globe featuring Bumbershoot Festival (Seattle), Victoria Folk (Canada), Sziget (Budapest), Exit, Arsenal, Ritam Evrope (Serbia), Sayanskoe Kolco (Siberia, Russia), Festival of Peace (Kazan, Russia), Esperanza (Belgium), Fest am Berg, Wilwarin, Folk’n’Fusion (Germany), Senglar Rock, Castellbisbal, Iboga, Capdepera, Pireneus Sur (Spain), Fete de la Musique, Festival de la Boheme, Les Musicaves (France), Ariano, Arezzo Wave, Summer Lab (Italy), Lent, Rock Otocec, Schengenfest (Slovenia), INmusic, DOF, Feragosto Jam, Spancirfest (Croatia), Kaleidoskop, OK, Sarajevo Film Fest (Bosnia), Stufstock, IRAF (Romania), Spirit of Burgas, Hills of Rock (Bulgaria), Taksirat, DFestival (Macedonia), and Nilufer Festival (Turkey), to name just a few.

Current lineup of Kultur Shock:

Gino Yevdjevich – vocals, trumpet, percussion

Val Kiossovski – guitar, vocals

Chris Stromquist – drums and percussion

Amy Denio – saxophone, clarinet, bouzouki, vocals

Guy M. Davis – bass, vocals

Eleni Govetas– violine, saxophone, percussion, vocals

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