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MOTHICA - The Reaper


Dive into MOTHICA’s Synthwave World with “The Reaper” from KISSING DEATH

“I wanted to write an upbeat love song you could dance to. I rarely write about relationships or love, but this one was a fun twist with the subject being my infatuation with the grim reaper.” – MOTHICA

MOTHICA Unveils Synthwave Single “The Reaper” and Announces Visual Album

MOTHICA has released her latest synthwave-infused track, “The Reaper,” from her upcoming visual album, KISSING DEATH. Set for release on August 23, 2024, through her own imprint Heavy Heart Records in partnership with Rise Records, the album promises a unique and immersive experience.


A Synthwave Love Song with a Grim Twist

“I was listening to a lot of movie soundtracks when I was writing this album, like the synthwave in the movie ‘Drive’. I wanted to write an upbeat love song you could dance to. I rarely write about relationships or love, but this one was a fun twist with the subject being my infatuation with the grim reaper. Lyrically, I try to rationalize that he’s a good guy and it became this more lighthearted song of the record that is unlike anything I’ve ever released. I invited dozens of my friends to be in the music video, where I sung the song in 2x speed so you saw this slow motion of a neon-lit club around me, and there’s some humour in there like the grim reaper teaching me how to play pool or my friend dancing on his scythe like it’s a pole,” says MOTHICA.

MOTHICA - Kissing Death

Dancing with Death: KISSING DEATH Album

KISSING DEATH is more than just an album; it’s a visual journey through MOTHICA’s darkest and most vulnerable moments. The album tackles heavy themes such as depression, addiction, and suicidal ideation but contrasts these with lush soundscapes, heart-thumping rock guitars, and catchy pop hooks. The 12 tracks and accompanying music videos interweave to tell an immersive story.

“I decided to make Death a love interest in a dark rom-com-style tale,” MOTHICA explains. “Throughout the visuals, I’m seen in a therapist’s office explaining this complicated relationship as if describing a scorned lover. The music videos will be like ‘flashbacks’ of what I’m telling my therapist. On the first single ‘DOOMED,’ we go back in time to an angsty teenage version of me. This is my first brush with the Grim Reaper and I doodle pictures of him in my diary surrounded by hearts. Flash forward, I’m shown performing at a dive bar, clubbing, engulfed in self-destruction. He stalks me, and eventually even proposes marriage, and I leave him at the altar and run away. It ends with me and Death in couples therapy. I wanted the music to feel cinematic, like the soundtrack of a movie.”

UK and European Tour Announced

To support the release of KISSING DEATH, MOTHICA has announced a September 2024 UK and European tour. Tickets are available here.

Tour Dates:

16th September – Kavka, Antwerp, Belgium
18th September – Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
19th September – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany
20th September – Hole44, Berlin, Germany
21st September – Luxor, Cologne, Germany
24th September – Backstage, Paris, France
26th September – The Dome, London, UK
27th September – Gorilla, Manchester, UK
28th September – King Tuts, Glasgow, UK

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