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Pittsburgh’s ‘Rated Eye’ Drops Self-Titled Debut Album

“The album resonates with authenticity and raw emotion, inviting music enthusiasts and aficionados alike to experience the sonic tapestry of Rated Eye.”

Rated Eye - photo credits courtesy of Rated Eye

Rated Eye Releases Self-Titled Debut Album via Wax Donut Records

The debut release of the Pittsburgh-based band Rated Eye, featuring members of Microwaves and Night Vapor, is now available via Wax Donut Records.

A Dynamic Ensemble with a Fresh Sound

Rated Eye, a dynamic musical ensemble comprising seasoned talents from various musical backgrounds, proudly announces the release of its debut album. Featuring John Roman (Microwaves, ex-Night Vapor) on drums, Albert Hall on vocals (ex-Night Vapor), Anthony Ambroso on guitar, and Dan Tomko on bass, Rated Eye delivers a captivating blend of classic hard rock, New York no wave, jazz, and proto-punk.

The Birth of Rated Eye

The genesis of Rated Eye traces back to a chance encounter between John Roman and Anthony Ambroso. “John reached out to me and we got coffee. I checked out their earlier work with Microwaves, Brown Angel, The 1985, and Night Vapor, so I knew where they were coming from and thought it might make for good chemistry,” Anthony reflects on the band’s origins.

Rated Eye
Rated Eye

A Collaborative Creative Process

With each member hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, Rated Eye’s creative dynamics are nothing short of remarkable. Anthony sheds light on their collaborative process, sharing, “The writing process is very collaborative. The longer we play together, the better we get at communicating our ideas and writing songs that play to our strengths.”

Exploring Deep Themes

Albert Hall, the band’s vocalist, reflects on the creative journey of Rated Eye, stating, “Writing this album felt great. From projecting what the Earth will be like for the next billion years to the catharsis of writing about living with body dysmorphia to the conflict between man and nature when a deer runs straight through the front window of a bank, it was a very rewarding experience.”

Rich Influences and Unique Sound

Drawing inspiration from a wide array of influences, including jazz legends like Miles Davis and rock pioneers like Black Sabbath, Rated Eye infuses their music with rich thematic depth. “High-level expressive improvisation and swinging cross-rhythms are two things I wish I heard more often in rock and heavy music,” remarks Anthony. “So I make an effort to include those elements in music that I make.”

A Recording Process Blessed by Divine Intervention

The recording process for the band’s self-titled debut LP was a testament to divine intervention. “The studio we used is a little spot on the second floor of a community center, and funds to build the studio were donated by a Pittsburgh entrepreneur Professor Amos,” Anthony recounts. “A few years ago, God spoke to him and told him to build a recording studio in this building, and he did so, paying for all the renovation and gear with no strings attached.”

Emotive and Authentic

The band’s self-titled debut explores a myriad of themes, with Albert Hall’s introspective lyrics delving into childhood reminiscences and personal emotions. The album resonates with authenticity and raw emotion, inviting music enthusiasts and aficionados alike to experience the sonic tapestry of Rated Eye.

“Perhaps if AC/DC were hanging out for hours in a dressing room listening to Oxbow, Ween and Captain Beefheart while huffing poppers, they might eventually stumble on stage and play music like this.” – Ghost Cult Magazine

“The album resonates with authenticity and raw emotion, inviting music enthusiasts and aficionados alike to experience the sonic tapestry of Rated Eye.” – The Organ

Rated Eye’s self-titled debut LP is available now via Wax Donut Records. Order the LP here.

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