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Bad Fractals


‘Bad Fractals’ drop the video for their infectious single ‘Disco Devils’

Shaman gangsters, the Bad Fractals release their new single Disco Devils through X-Ray Sound.

Get Bad Fractals ‘Disco Devils via their Bandcamp page HERE

Shaman gangsters, the Bad Fractals release their new single Disco Devils through X-Ray Sound.

Disco Devils is a carnivalesque deconstruction of masculinity that swaggers and swings in a barn dance in hell. Jilting guitars & tombola drums entice you to dance with the devil at her consent. At 2.23am you’re alone in bed, staring at the ceiling. Your alarm wakes you up, you put your ego back on and continue the farce of a man’s success; acquiring sex through delusions of status.

Welcome to the Bad Fractals.

Bad Fractals
Bad Fractals

“We are here for the dispossessed and the disillusioned, the empowered and the energised. We are a rage of punk, a sweet breeze that whispers secret sins and spits in your face. Take note: Rock n Roll is not a safe space. We are junk and jewels, rocks hurled through windows, kisses that roll across skin. We are mockery and mayhem – BAD FRACTALS – an itch in your soul. We have travelled a long way, and we embrace you. Take that riot in our hearts and kick it into life. Spray paint that love across the walls of the world, tattoo it onto our future with cheap lipstick. Celebrate sex and hear the world gasp, rename art and remake ourselves in its image. The time is NOW.”

Bad Fractals are a band for our times tearing their way through Acid Punk, Malevolent Music Hall & Trailer Trash Blues in a world gone mad… and their debut album is currently being mixed by legendary producer YOUTH.

To purchase Disco Devils go to :

Stream Disco Devils here

Bad Fractals is: 

Bang Crosby – Shaman Gangster howls in 4D!​

Astral Oz – Psychedelic Strings & Electrostatic Discharge!

Fred Astray – Drums & Dynamic Discord!

​Fred Stitiz- A Storm within a bass-cab!

‘Rock and Rock is Not a Safe Space’ – Bad Fractals

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Marcus Aaron Hoare

    March 6, 2023 at 11:31 am

    These look and sound completely mental, can’t wait to see them with Killing Joke at the Wedge Portsmouth tonight. absolutely brilliant .😎

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