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PENGSHUi drop Grime-Punk Banger “Eat The Rich”

PENGSHUi don’t care much for barriers. How else do you end up with a bulldozing ambush of riffs and aggressive raps that tear down the walls between grime and punk?

PENGSHUi don’t care much for barriers. How else do you end up with a bulldozing ambush of riffs and aggressive raps that tear down the walls between grime and punk? Charging out of the blocks with their first new music of 2021, PENGSHUi are back in venomous form with “Eat The Rich”. Watch the mindblowing video HERE. 


Fed up with the greed of government and corporations, “Eat The Rich” (co-written with Flux Pavillion and Pete Cannon) is an anthem for the disenfranchised. “The balance between rich & poor has never been clearer and more evident,” says PENGSHUi vocalist Illaman.

 “The world’s rich are the richest they’ve ever been – profiting from slave labour, tax evasion and pillaging of the world’s resources – while the poor just get poorer. It feels like we – the people on the ground, the poor, the struggling, the council estate working class – have been left to fight for ourselves and “Eat The Rich” is the theme song for that fight.”

Already gathering support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Kerrang! Radio, Metal Hammer, Kerrang! Magazine and more, PENGSHUi are on the rise. “It’s this unhinged, loud sound that actually came about pretty organically,” grins the group’s bassist/producer Fatty, joined in the band by vocalist Illaman and drummer Pravvy Prav. “We mash up the sub bass, the sounds of London underground bass music culture, jungle, grime, early dubstep and combine this with the energy and message of punk. 

The bass music and punk scenes are made up of people with who’ve got this DIY spirit and desire to fuck shit up and push forward the music they love. PENGSHUi is our interpretation of all this.”


That desire is written all over the group’s sound, a molotov cocktail combination of genres that’s attracting a fast-growing fanbase. Since forming in 2018, PENGSHUi have dropped a critically acclaimed debut album, the trio have released multiple cult singles, won a Kerrang! Radio Fresh Blood competition for a slot at Download Festival and bagged appearances at Glastonbury and Boomtown festivals. They’ve toured with genre-smashing Welsh wonders Astroid Boys and been invited to create an official remix for The Prodigy, resulting in a blistering rework of their Essex idols’ track “Light Up The Sky”.

The band are currently putting the final touches on their forthcoming sophomore album… more on that very soon.

“Like grime icons Stormzy, Skepta and Dizzee Rascal, these lads recognise the parallels with old school punk, mainly the dirt, the danger, the social consciousness and bared-teeth desperation of it all… PENGSHUi’s vicious vibes hit hard enough to leave a bruise.” – Kerrang!

“PENGSHUi managed to put into this record exactly what bonds grime with punk. The anger, the confidence, and the “just you wait and see” attitude that leads many bands in these fields to succeed and go down in history as some of the most influential acts to ever take to the stage and make a difference.” – Discovered 9/10

“… if they continue on this course, PENGSHUi could well be talked about in 2029 as one of the bands of the decade, spearheading a brand new genre with plenty of bands forming off the back of it.” – Bring The Noise






1 Comment

1 Comment

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